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Dear Friends,

It's about Reality

Bigger the Amount of Investment You Spent on Your Education/Training Does Not Equivalent to A Higher Success Rate in Achieving Your Goals

Do you know that just 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions? Are you among the 8% or the 92%? Do you keep missing your goals every year?

According to Harvard’s MBA statistics, only 3% of Harvard MBA graduates achieve their goals.

Thus, the bigger the amount of investment you spent on your education or training does not equivalent to a higher success rate in achieving your goals.

Even if you went for further studies or workshops to upgrade yourself with the hope to reach your goals, you will find that after the programs, you are not taking actions or sufficient actions to change your life, you are still facing self-doubts, lack of self-discipline, or, there are lack of continuous supports from the trainers. You will realise that everyone just care for themselves - their own interests, or, they are too busy with themselves.

Now, You Can Play Game of Life And Get Most Out of Your Life. Have You Heard About Gamified Metaphysics?

Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes is the title of our online gamified Metaphysics course that you will discover yourself by learning Metaphysics and transform your life through gamification. During the course, you will design a game character or hero to play in Game of Life which is your real life.

It is not a courses that promises achievement of your goals and success for a four-hour-per week commitment. It is about reality. It requires your full commitment, and, perseverance at all time. Thus, we need to make this journey FUN so that you put in your very best and give 100% commitment. What we did is we GAMIFY the course, we make it like you are playing an addictive game, like League of Legends, Dota, Maplestory or War of Warcraft. You are so excited in playing the game that you don’t feel it is tough or a struggle to you.

In Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes, you will experience gamification for the first time that you are leveling up and gaining skill points in real life. You are not role-playing your game character. You ARE the game character. The real world is the game world that you will be venturing into and accomplish your mission, your goal.

This gamified course will train you on Chinese Metaphysics and capture insights and secret codes that I have discovered and used them to achieve so much for my career and I see transformation in my life. Best of all, my childhood dream of becoming a Best-selling Author comes true! It has proven that it works! I want to share all these with you.

The Game...

The world around you is not what it seems.

Dark forces continuously lurking into our life and change the way we think and do. It’s happening around us, around you. They are already here.

Now, they are stronger than ever. Red flags are raised. It’s time to gather and unite the heroes. Let’s fight off these Dark Forces.

First, you will be undergoing training to discover your true hero identity and unleash your full potential in life.

What's In Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes Online Course

The Online Gamified Metaphysics Course include:

A total of 15 quest videos on leveling up Metaphysics skill to help you reach your goals. Each quest video will unveil different valuable secret codes.

1 downloadable Gamer's Guide Book which consists of your game stats, XP and quests completion sheet

1 Recollect Deck for collection of secret codes

Level 1, Metaphysics Path: Within You
Unlock Your Well-Hidden Identity, Power and Resources That You Already Have

Character Discovery
Level 1.1 Quest: What Character Class Truly Are You?
Level 1.2 Quest: What Character Role To Play?
Level 1.3 Quest: A Power That Everyone Knows You Have It!
Level 1.4 Quest: Master Your Useful Skill
Level 1.5 Quest: Defeat Dark Forces

Deep Exploration
Level 1.6 Quest: Know Your Vulnerability Is As Important As Know Your Power
Level 1.7 Quest: Discovery of Your Inner Ambition
Level 1.8 Quest: Discovery of Your Inner Passion
Level 1.9 Quest: Discovery of Your Inner Desire

Character Design
Level 1.10 Quest: Design Your Character (Part 1): Find The Best Route For Your Career
Level 1.11 Quest: Design Your Character (Part 2): Find The Best Route For Your Wealth
Level 1.12 Quest: Design Your Character (Part 3): Create The Path To Sustain Your Wealth
Level 1.13 Quest: Defeat Dark Forces

Resources Activation
Level 1.14 Quest: Activate Your Inner Resources To Become Who You Want To Be
Level 1.15 Quest: Activate Your Outer Resources Bestow To You Right Now

Trainer and Quest Master

Anm Pek

Anm Pek, Metaphysics Cleric

Anm Pek has written 2 books on using gamification to learn, achieve goals and success in life. She has a Master of Science in Digital Media Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She is in game and multimedia design fields since year 2002. She created learning card games - Recollect™ and Flashback™. Now, she designs life with games. She is also a metaphysician who has trained many professionals. She is the creator of Character MetaProfiling™ tool whereby everyone's life map is decoded into visual life codes and squad. She also created EduGamification - the gamification solution for education industry.

Ready to Be A Hero?

Join us and discover what type of hero you are. What’s your game character? What’s your superpower? What’s your purpose, passion and potential? What’s your strategies to reach your goals and win the Game of Life? Now, it’s time to change your environment, and, build friendship with other heroes who matters of your success.

Click on the Count Me In button on this page to secure your Hero pass to enter Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes. We will see you in Game of Life Academy, The Heroes Hall.

Offer Good For A Limited Time

The value of this course is so much more than its cost of $2,697 SGD.

To thank you in trusting us on this journey, we would like to offer you the entire course for only $867 SGD for now until 1st May 2019. The course fee will go back to $1,897 SGD after 1st May 2019.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to have results BEFORE you are committed to the purchase so here are our Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

We are so sure this Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes will have dramatic effect on your life...that we are offering the following unconditional guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting with this Game of Life for any reason whatsoever or for no reason at all, simply tell us within 60 days and we will give you a prompt, courteous refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

How to enter the Game of Life right now:

If you are committed to your achieving your goals, your success (which we know you are), there’s really only one thing left for you to do...

Click the Count Me In button below. Within minutes, you will have access to the Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes quests videos and a Game Guide Book.

I look forward to see you in Game of Life Academy, The Heroes Hall. Now, click the Count Me In button button to get started immediately.

Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes at SGD $867

To your success and achievement of goals,

Anm Pek (Metaphysics Cleric)
Trainer, Game Character
Game of Life Academy

P.S. Friends, time is everything! Do not waste any more time. Get onto things that will move you closer to your goals.

What Gamers Have Said

"The game helps me to know more about myself. I start to understand what are my strengths and how I can utilize my strengths to help me to achieve my goals. I believe it is important for people to understand their strengths and weaknesses as early as possible, so they can find a suitable way for them to achieve what they want in life.

Thus, I recommend this game for people who have difficulty to find suitable method for them to achieve their goals."

--- Felicia, Order Fulfillment Executive

"I will be able to know about myself learn what must do to make my life more beneficial for me and others. It is interesting to find out about my inner character that I only think I have but not so sure about it.

This is going to be helpful to some people who does not know what they are and what they want. This can be used for resume writing and help someone to write about themselves. Specially, young people or teenagers who have not yet graduated from school and are still studying."

--- Haryanto Rimbun, Project Engineer


You will be able to download Game of Life Gamer's Guide Book immediately after you have registered and secured your hero pass by making your payment at the below Count Me In button.

Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes at SGD $467


Game of Life Academy provides a platform to build subject matter experts and boost personal development using the concept of alternate reality game and EduGamification framework. We guide individuals to accomplish their career and wealth goals through gamification. We impart practical, proven and powerful gamification techniques to reach peak performance and unleash one's full potential.

Game of Life Academy also offers experiential profiling and training for companies and organisations to build high performance teams and winning culture through gamification techniques. Do you know that employees perform best when they are truly enjoying their work? By gamifying their working style, a company or an organisation can foster a highly motivated, productive and winning environment for leaders, employees, as well as, customers to succeed and grow together.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Life? Are You Primed For Performance Today?

Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes an online course provided by Game of Life Academy. It is designed with a motto in mind that life should be an exciting adventure. Life should be fulfilling. But most men and women are so bogged down with the day-to-day trifling matters that we do not enjoy the wonders of being alive. Most people are experiencing only a fraction of the joy and satisfation in life. In Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes, Level 1: Within You, you will get to know yourself inside out through playing the quests, guiding you to achieve your goals and have fun at the same time.

Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes, Level 1: Within You, is powered by the Science of EduGamification and Chinese Metaphysics. Anm, Founder and Trainer of Gamification Solutions Asia, transformed Chinese Metaphysics into a series of simple, practical and proven-effective game quests that unleash your full potential and level up in real life. With just 3 steps: WATCH, LEARN, PLAY, you can change your life around and reach your ultimate life goals.


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